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Featured Equipment

Coulter Mckenzie 10 position Barrel Packer, Model C-500

Product Code:BPK095

Manufacturer:Coulter McKenzie

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Hagen Funke Dual Barrel Packer, Model OUKA-10008

Product Code:BPK094

Manufacturer:Hagen Funke GmbH

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

18" Syncro Barrel Packer / Dropcoiler With Endex Upgrade, with thumper, Overhead Accumulator.

Product Code:BPK072


Location: Bonham, Texas

20" Coulter McKenzie Dual Barrel Packer, Continuous, S-500DT

Product Code:BPK007

Manufacturer:Coulter McKenzie

Location: Bristol, Connecticut

42"/1050 mm Bongard KW-1050-TK Stem Packer, Year 1999

Product Code:BPK086

Manufacturer:Bongard Trading GmbH Co

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts

23" Tulsa Dual Barrel Packer, Model DPT-23, vertical dancer

Product Code:BPK084

Manufacturer:Tulsa Power Products

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

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